Legal Support

Legal Support Program for Sonography Canada Members

Miller Thomson On Call – Berkley Legal Support Program is a unique program designed for Sonography Canada members participating in the Insurance Program. 

Miller Thomson provides 24/7 consultation with respect to professional malpractice claims or potential claims and/or investigations or disciplinary actions. Legal experts are moments away with practical and timely advice on all areas of risk covered by your insurance program.

What are the advantages of calling?

  • Reduce risk of litigation and risk mitigation
  • Identify potential liability issues
  • Protect information gathered and documents generated by investigation from disclosure
  • Determine recommended manner of investigation
  • Access: Access to dedicated legal counsel through our hotline or dedicated email
  • Value: Access to preliminary legal support and telephone advice as part of the Sonography Canada insurance program
  • Urgent Support: Access to after-hours hotline for urgent legal matters

Miller Thomson

On-Call hotline: 1-800-387-4452 
Urgent After Hours: 647-281-7091

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